What We Do

Reach your target customers faster and position your products among the winners.


We search the world for “best in class” products and bring them to the Egyptian market. Our sales team and distribution partners work with leading retailers across Egypt.

We are dedicated to ensure the sale and distribution of the best International quality products.

Commitment and dedication to our International brands is our priority to ensure delivery on time and to customer specification and fulfill customers needs and keep good inventory and stocks… We are never out of stock.

The quality, commitment, integrity and experience of our people.

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We bring you products from around the world:
USA - Belgium - Holland - Malta


We want to send your Egyptian Products to the World…. Contact us if you want to Export your Egyptian manufactured products to any place in the world.


We have been distributing all over Egypt using the best service

Direct Distribution
  • Key account pharmacies chains
  • Key account doctors, dieticians, health clinics
  • Key account hospitals
  • Key account hyper markets and chains
  • Key account gymnasium chains & health clubs
Whole Sale Distribution
  • Pharmacies all governorates
  • Retail in all governorates 
  • Hotels distribution in all governorates

Marketing Services

We can market and position your products in the minds of the targeted customers to become an esteemed brand name in the Egyptian Market

Doctors & Hospitals
  • Relationship with key opinion leaders in Medical community
  • Sponsorship of medical conferences
  • Services and hospital relationships & operations value pack
  • Promotion in key pharmacie chains
Sponsorship / Events
  • National festivals sponsorship
  • Awareness events with sales in social meetings 
  • Schools, universities and organization events