What We Do

Reach your target customers faster and position your products among the winners.


We search the world for “best in class” products and bring them to the Egyptian market. Our sales team and distribution partners work with leading retailers across Egypt.

We are dedicated to ensure the sale and distribution of the best International quality products.

Commitment and dedication to our International brands is our priority to ensure delivery on time and to customer specification and fulfill customers needs and keep good inventory and stocks… We are never out of stock.

The quality, commitment, integrity and experience of our people.

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We bring you products from around the world:
USA - Belgium - Holland - Malta - UK - Italy.


El Gondy Trading is one of the top trading companies in Egypt.

As an Exporter for Egyptian Products, we are the Export Agents for the top factories in Egypt in different Industries. We choose the best quality and most affordable in each industry to serve our clients around the world. Our choice of factories to represent is based on the Hygiene, Certifications, Authorizations from International Bodies, Capacity of Production, Quality of Products, Flexibility in Production, Varieties, Standardization and Accuracy in production and delivery time.

We can help you find the right products and assist you in assuring the samples are the same quality of your order and in receiving a timely delivery. We look to build a long-term business relationship with our international customers.

As a member in the Food Export Council and being a company approved on the White list of the Egyptian Functional Food Organization, we can export food directly from Egypt with the required certifications without hassle.

We represent more than 100 factories in Egypt in various fields, including:

Egyptian Cotton Products: We are the export agents for the best 8 Egyptian factories for Cotton products. We supply Hotels and Hospitality in general all Top Egyptian made cotton products: blankets, duvet covers, bedsheets, towels, bathrobes, curtains, etc. with flexibility in colors and designs and TC.

Food: Frozen potatoes (different cuts), tomato paste, pasta, noodles, olives, olive oil, frozen vegetables and fruits, flour, canned food, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits as juice and slices.

Electrical Appliances: All electrical appliances for home, hotels and hospitality, both on B2B or B2C basis. Offering the best quality, the most affordable and the most durable.

Home Appliances: Aluminum cooking utensils, Kitchenware and plastic home cleaning equipment.

Construction Materials: marble, cement, terrazzo cement tiles, ceramic, sanitary equipment and pipelines from the top factories in Egypt.

We are very much competent in Hotels and Hospitals furnishing and supplies from the biggest items to the smallest details, all made in Egypt with highest quality.


We have been distributing all over Egypt using the best service.

Direct Distribution
  • Key account HORECA.
  • Key account hyper markets and chains.
  • Key account pharmacies chains.
  • Key account doctors, dieticians, health clinics.
  • Key account hospitals.
Whole Sale Distribution
  • Key account gymnasium chains & health clubs.
  • Pharmacies all governorates.
  • Retail in all governorates. 
  • Hotels distribution in all governorates.

Marketing Services

We can market and position your products in the minds of the targeted customers to become an esteemed brand name in the Egyptian Market.

Doctors & Hospitals
  • Relationship with key opinion leaders
    in Medical community.
  • Sponsorship of medical conferences.
  • Services and hospital relationships & operations value pack.
  • Promotion in key pharmacie chains.
Sponsorship / Events.
  • National festivals sponsorship.
  • Awareness events with sales in social meetings.
  • Schools, universities and organization events.